Love Plants + Love OUR PLANET: 100% recyclable bottles, biodegradable & eco-friendly


We believe in reducing waste and making a small footprint on our planet. Our products are all 100% plant based, biodegradable and eco- friendly. Our products won't contaminate water sources or poison you, your family, your furry friends or our planet. 

Whenever possible we use sustainable packaging options. Initially we wanted to use glass bottles, however, we wanted to be convenient for our customers. Our focus is making products for the family, and our products need to be child proof and unbreakable when hanging outdoors or in the shower!!  Our goal was to source a great, durable plastic that can house our powerful ingredients without jeopardizing the formula or eating away at the bottle. We also demanded our packaging be safe for our planet. After some research we choose #1 Polyethylene Terephthalate, known commonly as PET or PETE.  As a raw material, PET is globally recognized as a SAFE, NON-TOXIC, STRONG that is 100% RECYCLABLE. In fact, it’s THE most widely recycled plastic in the world! Virtually all municipal recycling programs in the US accept PET packaging, with recycling of thermoformed PET containers on the rise (let’s keep that trend going!).

Please stay tuned for our RECYCLE + REPEL program!


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Bite Me Bug Free Original Spray + Repel Insect Repellent Deet Free. Non GMO. Non Toxic. Paraben Free. Phalate Free. Sulphate Free. Vegan. Cruelty Free. blend of Super-Herb, Essential Oils + Flowers: Aqueous Extract of Chrysanthemum Cinerariifolium and oil

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